Nov 20, 2016 - Christ the King

What could it possibly mean: Christ the King? Do you picture a feudal system of taxation, limitless, arbitrary power, and obeisance? 

In the many forms of governance that we form as societies, most would agree that a benevolent monarchy is the best. A wise and selfless ruler that only wanted what was best for the citizens. But power corrupts. Most kings and queens have their own interests ahead of their citizens'.

What if you could be certain that the King was kind and loving? What if the things that the King demanded of you were only the things that you needed to do in order to grow and prosper?

As Christians, we actually pray for a benevolent monarchy (Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done). What if you could trust that your leader would not hurt you; and that the community led by that leader would be the best way to live?