Oct. 2, 2016 - A simple, practical, exercise you can use to strengthen your faith

Father Jonathan reminds us that we do not need anything else from our church, our intellect, or from God in order to be a powerful Christian. What you need is already in you, but may need strengthening. He offers us the seven steps of compassion as a way to take your faith to the gym and make it stronger and stronger.

Acknowledge that there is love, forgiveness, and kindness in you. Realize that you have been forgiven, that the fundamental precept of our faith tradition is forgiveness:

1. Claim this loving kindness and send some to yourself.

2. Send some loving kindness to someone you love.

3. Send loving kindness to someone with whom you associate. A friend, a coworker.

4. Send loving kindness to someone toward whom you feel neutral, a stranger.

5. Send loving kindness to someone who has done you wrong, you avoid, who has hurt you.

6. Send loving kindness to all of these listed above.

7. Send loving kindness to all beings in the universe.