Oct 31, 2016 Bishop Rickel - "lean in" to it. Climb that tree.

Jesus came to cause change. He was looking for hearts that were ready to change and he knew how to change them. The stories that are told in the Gospels often concern the hardest and most difficult hearts that are melted by the power of Jesus' love.

Zacchaeus may have climbed that tree simply to see what was going on. He made the effort, and for some reason, may have been compelled to called out to Jesus "See me". Jesus did more than simply notice him. Jesus stopped, lifted his attention, called him down, went to his house, probably ate with him and stayed with him for a time.

The people were horrified that Jesus would sully himself by socializing with a tax collector. Zacchaeus was despised as a traitor and a corrupt enforcer for the Roman government. Zacchaeus had spent his life in dark places doing bad things. He was forever changed.

Jesus is reputed to have once said: "You cannot see the light unless you stand in the darkness."


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And here is Father Jonathan's sermon on the same story from the 7:45 AM service. (Bishop Rickel had not yet arrived at St. Paul's for this early service.)