Ushers & Sextons

Usher Ministry

Colin Christie, Rob Vollkommer, John Muder, Walt Hardy

Colin Christie, Rob Vollkommer, John Muder, Walt Hardy

St. Paul’s is a place where a wide and diverse group of people worship and seek fellowship with one another. We always strive be welcoming and inclusive. Imagine coming to a new church, you walk through the doors, wonder what in the world to do next and then while battling feelings of uncertainty, you bravely make your way to a random place to sit hoping it’s okay. Now, imagine something different. As you walk through the doors, you are greeted by someone in a welcoming manner, who graciously leads you through unknown territory to a safe place to sit. A bulletin is handed to you which steadily guides you through the service. This kind of hospitality communicates the genuine quality of the face of Christ and is one of the many attributes of our Ushers Ministry at St. Paul’s.

Currently, we have about eight ushers who usually serve the church on a monthly rotation or part-time. However, it is not surprising to find some individuals serving weekly. On a typical Sunday worship service, an usher welcomes visitors and congregation members, hands out service bulletins, takes up the collection, guides people during communion and straightens up after the service. This is a ministry that calls for a friendly and helpful demeanor and keeps you on your feet.

John Muder, serving over 12 years, lead this ministry. He says, “I do this ministry because I feel an obligation (giving back), I like to meet the people as they come in and take care of the congregation during the service. I know when someone is new or a regular attender. We [ushers] are also a good source of information if anyone has questions, we make sure to help anyone with special needs and we keep vigilant about the building’s security during the service.” Wow, our St. Paul’s Ushers are like shepherds looking after the flock and keeping them safe! They are a dynamic group of parishioners who last but not least, as John puts it, “have fun at it!”

Among these great eight is Kevin Fazio. He was asked to fill-in for an usher who couldn’t make it one Sunday, and has now been ushering for decades. He simply and beautifully states, “I have a gift to share. It blesses me and it blesses others.” Whenever we gather together to praise and worship, these familiar faces that greet us are a comfort because in their work of hospitality, they are performing the most basic act of acknowledging the presence of another human being; acknowledging another one of God’s children.

The Ushers Ministry make an essential difference in how we can open our arms and our hearts to serve one another. “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.”

Anyone, male or female, young or old, is welcome to join. If interested in serving as an Usher, or just giving it a try, contact John Muder,

Contact:  Fr. Chuck Whitmore or John Muder  

Sexton Ministry

Extends St. Paul’s hospitality to outside groups and functions that use St. Paul’s facilities by being present and assuring a safe, organized venue. Volunteers welcome; training provided; small stipend sometimes provided.