Taizé Prayer Services

St. Paul’s Taizé Prayers are a gift of love to the greater Bellingham community. We hope to create the space where anyone who hungers for the presence of God can be found by God; where people of all faiths (or no faith) will be gifted with prayer. (A deep sense of prayer which will stay with them when they return to their daily lives.)

Some feel that too much speaking simply gets between us and God. Taizé worship centers on singing, prayer, readings and silence. Simple songs are sung in a repetitive manner to create a deep, meditative mood. This service is conducted across a wide spectrum of Catholic and Protestant churches worldwide. We have reports that several of our newer members have joined St. Paul's because of this service.

We hope that through these prayer services you are formed into living signs that God is love and love alone. We can all become living signs of this reconciliation.



TAIZÉ AND LABYRINTH SERVICES BEGIN AT 5:00PM IN THE MAIN SANCTUARY. See the "worship Services" Or "Special Events Calendar" for the most up to date schedule.