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Dear Sister and Brothers,

Here is the schedule, and Taizé themes for the coming year:

2016-2017 Taizé Schedule & Themes(All Prayers 5-6pm)

September 25, 2016: “Frieden, Frieden” (Peace I Leave You)

October 23, 2016:  “Fiez-yous en Lui” (Put Your Trust In God)

November 27, 2017:  “Magnificat!” (Sing Out My Soul)

January 22, 2017.:  “Seigneur, tu gares mon âme” (O Lord, You Hold and Protect Me

February 26, 2017: “Jesu, redemptor” (Jesus, Redeemer)

March 26, 2017: “El alma que anda en amor” (Whoever Walks In God’s Love)

April 23, 2017: “Surrexit Dominus Vere” (Jesus, the Lord, Is Risen)

May 28, 2017:  “Vieni, Spirito” (Come and Pray In Us)

Rev. Lee Cunningham


Join us in our garden Saturday, October 8 at 10 AM as we celebrate the legacy of St. Francis of Assisi and our connection with all creation.

All animals are welcome! Large, small, furry, feathered, finny, slithery or stuffed.

(For safety's sake, we ask that non human living creatures be leashed, crated or otherwise controlled. Thanks.)

Events happening both at St. Paul's and other places around town . Click on the headline for more information. Click here for the master calendars page. 




Paul Conrad Photography - taken during an eclipse.