St. Paul's Men's Group

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The Men's Group meets twice a month either at the church or at a member's home for fellowship, discussion and sharing  a meal. This group is now establishing itself at St. Paul's and defining our overall place in this dynamic congregation. We welcome your input and ideas for service projects, missions and fellowship opportunities.

For more information, contact Ed Sugar.



Upcoming Events:

April 2nd in the Great Hall - 5:45 PM - 8 PM - Dinner and a conversation with Rocky Champagne.

May 7th in the Great Hall - 5:45 PM - 8 PM - Dinner and a conversation with Father Chuck! (Yep, ya read that right).


The Mission of St. Paul's Men’s group:

  • We sincerely try to become friends and to avoid anything that alienates or divides.
  • We encourage one another — root word “Courage” — to be better men, better fathers, grandfathers, husbands, better friends, better Christians.
  • We do good. In the church in the community, in the world.
  • We share our stories, offer our capabilities to one another, and share what we consider to be true wisdom.

And so, having chosen our course without guile and with pure purpose, we renew our faith in God and go forward without fear, and with manly hearts.

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