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2017 Pilgrimage to Greece (fourth update)

Updated: May 24, 2023

We took a boat ride around Mt. Athos & visited the wonderful St. Demetrius Byzantine Church in Thessaloniki.

Our dinner spot near Corinth had a lovely seaside view.

We also visited Cenchreae, where St Paul had his hair cut off because of a vow (Acts 18:18), & the wonderful museum at Ancient Corinth.

Here is our group by the Bema in ancient Corinth, where St Paul was brought for judgement. We had lunch at a great spot that overlooks the old city.

Some of us hiked around Acrocorinth, including Alan Potter. Acrocorinth is a fortress on top of the mountain that overlooks ancient Corinth. It has ruins from the times of Ancient Greece to the medieval period & a beautiful sea view.

We stopped at Corinth Canal on our way to Athens.

Our distinguished music director, Wade Dingman, is here in front of the Parthenon.

Our return trip to Athens included a visit to Mars Hill, on the Acropolis. This is where Saint Paul spoke about their altar to An Unknown God (Acts 17:23). The pulpit at our church has a stone from here w/an inscribed plaque on it. While here, our seminary student from Virginia, Bobbi, read that passage from Acts to us. Mars Hill is behind her. Our group photo is in front of the Caryatids, also on the Acropolis.

While in Athens, we heard from a Greek Orthodox priest, Archbishop Nikiphoros, a friend of John Harriman's. Here he is with Fr. Kamal at our hotel.

Lastly, we visited the wonderful Byzantine & Christian Museum. Faith & devotion are visible in their many beautiful works! Five members of our group left us to return home or travel elsewhere at this point. The rest of us went on to Patmos. I will send one more update about that next.

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