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Nazareth Village

Updated: May 24

The Nazareth Trust owns and operates the hospital, the nursing school, the SERVE program I'm working with, and a unique place called Nazareth Village. It is a carefully researched, very authentic re-creation of the first century Nazareth where Jesus grew up.

People from all over the world visit and see living examples of life during these times and references from the Bible. A guide takes you thru the village and explains many biblical metaphors and stories used by Jesus. Such as how a new shoot will grow from the roots of an olive tree, even if it's cut down, and many new olive trees are planted this way (Isaiah 11, and note the meaning of Nazareth in my earlier blogpost). They also toss wheat in the air to show how it separates from chaff, you can see a working plough and yoke, sheep and goats (which really are different), a rich man's tomb, the four types of soil Jesus refers to, a carpenter shop, weaving, a synagogue and more.

A first century lunch is often served that includes many more biblical references: red lentil soup (for which Esau sold his birthright), flatbread baked over a fire, zaa'tar (which includes hyssop, which was used to put blood over the door posts at Passover), hummus, labaneh, olives, cabbage salad and fruit.

Here is a photo of Zack Miller and a donkey. Zack is from Virginia and works at the Baptist school here with YoungLife. He volunteers at the Village, is pretty fluent in Arabic after being here for just a year, and is a great part of this Christian community. Also shown are some sheep and the brown lambs (born here--it's really a farm), an olive tree and 2 other volunteers.

The people here are like a family. It's been an honor to work with them and be warmly welcomed.

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