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Nov - Dec 2015 Some local churches

Updated: May 24, 2023

These are acolytes at Christ Church, the Anglican Church in Nazareth that was started in 1871. The Arabic writing behind the altar is taken from Isaiah 61, quoted by Jesus in Luke 4, "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me..." when he taught in the synagogue in Nazareth.

The current priest there is a young Arab named Fr. Nile, who gives insightful sermons & does part of the service in English if he sees a Western person in attendance.


One of the Baptist churches in Nazareth. (There are at least 3.) It's a larger congregation. They also have a school. His PowerPoint is part Arabic/part English. They offer an earpiece w/English translation of the sermon...& have a rock band


St. George's Cathedral in Jerusalem, headquarters of the Diocese of Jerusalem. They have services in both Arabic & English...& a good organist.

This is a Melchite church in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve. Lots of incense, chanting & bells. It was all in Arabic & I felt like I was with the original Christians.

The Lutheran Christmas Church in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve. The service included a sermon by a learned visiting professor & some nice hymn singing.

Lastly, I wasn't there but some friends attended a church (better not be specific) where a lady dressed in Moslem clothing took Eucharist. She's become a Christian but can't tell her family for fear of safety. I hear there's a wave of Moslems converting to Christianity. Please pray for them.

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